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Apr 1, 2010 11:30pm EDT
when they take on the west virginia mountaineers at the final four in indianapolis. on wednesday we went to durham, north carolina to the campus to talk to coach k before he departed for indianapolis. here is that conversation. 11 final fours. six finals. won three. haven't been back in a few years. characterize the moment here. >> i'm trying to go from euphoric over sunday night to realistic like "weave got to win a game on saturday night," and that's difficult, because this was as good a final four to get into -- a regional final win as i have experienced since the first one in 1986, because i really love my guys, and i was so happy to see jon scheyer and lance thomas and brian zoubek fulfilled -- you know, go to the promised land, which is the final four, and it was kind of like -- because i am a father, i have seven grandkids, it's like seeing your son or daughter or grandkid do something grashths and it was that type of thing, but i love my team, and i am anxious to compete this weekend. >> charlie: "love my team" means what? >> there is not a second that i'm with them that i w
Apr 8, 2010 11:30pm EDT
to be a threat against speaker pelosi. steve cohen of memphis, congressman cantor of virginia. there is an extraordinary amount of anger and it's beyond anxiety. it's a kind of blind anger. and you know this is where analogies get very complicated but remember what happened on you know stevenson was spit on in dallas. lady bird johnson was jostled. there have been many moments of furry and anger in the country but this feels a little rawer and a little rougher and therefore all the more-- all the more dangerous. and it is not that we've never had conflict. it's not that there is not a legitimate case against the health-care bill. this isn't about that. this is about people who in greater numbers than historians usually can summon right now are actually threatening lawmakers for votes that they made in the congress on a bill that john dingel who has been in the house since 1955 said is to the right of where nixon was. >> right. >> i mean it's still hard for me to understand that it's only about health care it didn't be. i mean what could be so devastating to people about trying
Apr 13, 2010 11:00pm EDT
from virginia and president clinton's lawyer bob bennett. they had a deal. they had an agreement to settle it for the full amount that paula jones had asked for, $ $700,000. and paula jones, they took on this deal. they thought it was done and president clinton authorized it. paula jones by that time was being handled by susan carpenter mcmillan and she and paula's husband steve jones were still pushing her so she refused to settle for the full amount asked for in the complaint and one of the documents i found that was just startling and really provided an insight was a letter from paula jones' lawyers to her begging her to take this settlement and saying that at most they thought she could recover $50,000 if she won anything at all if they went to trial. so they knew there were big problems with this case. they knew she needed to settle and when she didn't, they withdrew and stopped representing her. >> rose: do you have an opinion as to what paula jones... what happened to her? >> you mean in the excelsior hotel? >> rose: right. >> this is the best that i can say. i'm sure that
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)